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Connecting wholesale investors to exclusive investment opportunities


Principal Investments

Thundering Herd operates its own proprietary investment platform enabling it to identify and invest in both private and public companies.

Thundering Herd has its own balance sheet that it uses to invest in selected opportunities.

Syndication / Arrangement Services

Thundering Herd operates its own proprietary investment platform enabling it to identify and syndicate transactions in both private and public companies among its wholesale investor network.

Thundering Herd's exclusive investor network consists of individual Wholesale Investors, Superannuation Funds, Public and Unlisted Companies, Family Offices and other Venture Capital and Private Equity firms.

Funds Management

Thundering Herd is a lead investor in, and manager of various exclusive Wholesale Funds. Invited Wholesale Investors can select from:

  • Thundering Herd Fund No.1 - Secured Income Fund

A Fixed Unit Trust designed for Wholesale Investors seeking returns greater than cash rates and aims to provide investors with exposure into investments in loans and convertible notes in private and public companies. This Open ended Fund offers quarterly distributions and redemptions to Investors and has a minimum $250,000 investment requirement.

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Alternative Solutions


A fractional investment platform for both retail and wholesale investors, BrickX offers an innovative approach to property investment, turning each real property into 10,000 Bricks, owners of Bricks can benefit from earning any capital returns and net rental income in proportion to the number of Bricks they own, and build a diversified portfolio of Bricks across different properties.

Visit www.brickx.com for more details

Lend Collective

Lend Collective identifies, assesses, negotiates and funds transactions approved by its internal credit committee made up of Lend Collective stakeholders, with representatives from Salta Capital, Thundering Herd and an external Mortgage Fund Manager. The process is based upon the fundamental fact that an approved facility will be funded by Lend Collective regardless of whether participants choose to co-invest in the facility or not. Each transaction is then opened up for a short period of time enabling invited parties/participants the opportunity to co-fund into a transaction on the same Investor terms. Any amount of a transaction not subscribed to by investors is retained by Lend Collective.

Visit www.lendcollective.com for more details

My Pitch Kit

MyPitchKit is an online program designed in collaboration with multiple industry experts to assist early stage companies become Investor Ready. Registered participants who compete the course are eligible to receive a cash investment into their business funded by Thundering Herd.

Visit www.mypitchkit.com for more details

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